Wild in the Hills

New to the range this year is Wild in the Hills, SASS State Championship Wild Bunch match which will
occur on July 23rd and 24th . This will be a ten-stage match, 6 stages Saturday and 4 on Sunday. Must be a
SASS member to participate and SASS Wild Bunch rules will apply as well as WOWS additional safety
rules. Categories offered will be traditional and modern, see SASS WBAS rules book for firearm
covenants at https://www.sassnet.com/wildbunch/handbooks/. Preregistration is required for Wild in
the Hills. A registration is available on wowsinc.org.

Registration Form: Wild in the Hills 2022

Lodging: Hotels near WOWS

Round Count: Pistol 189, Rifle 68, Shotgun 52

Schedule of Events: Wild in the Hills Schedule

The regular Saturday SASS shoot will be going on as scheduled that day also as a separate event.

Camping Notice: There is no water available at the range for camp use. If you require water at your camp you will need to bring your own.

Match Director: Colonel Carbine