Wild in the Hills

New to the range this year is Wild in the Hills, this will be a ten-stage match, 6 stages Saturday and 4 on Sunday. SASS Wild Bunch rules will apply as well as WOWS additional safety rules. Categories offered will be traditional and modern, see SASS WBAS rules book for firearm covenants at https://www.sassnet.com/wildbunch/handbooks/. Preregistration is required for Wild in
the Hills.

Registration Form: Wild in the Hills 2023 App

Lodging: Hotels near WOWS

Round Count: 

Schedule of Events:

The regular Saturday SASS shoot will be going on as scheduled that day also as a separate event.

Camping Notice: There is no water available at the range for camp use. If you require water at your camp you will need to bring your own.

Match Director: Colonel Carbine