Registration is at 9:00 am unless otherwise noted.  Mandatory safety meeting begins at 9:30 am.  You must be present at the safety meeting to shoot.

Eye protection with side shields is required at all shooting events.

2021 Shoot and Event Schedule

April 11th Sunday Shoot – Board of Directors Meeting (weather permitting Alternate date April 15th)

April 24th Saturday Shoot

April 25th Wild Bunch & Pro-Steel

May 2nd Workday 10am 

May 8th Shoot for a Day

May 9th Sunday Shoot

May 12th Concealed Carry Practice 6pm

May 15th NCOWS Shoot

May 16th Wild Bunch & Pro-Steel

May 20th Board of Directors Meeting 7pm

May 22nd Saturday Shoot

May 23rd Cancer Shoot

May 29th Wild Bunch & Pro-Steel

May 30th Paul Bunyan Shoot (Range Fundraiser shoot)

June 5th Workday 10am

June 6th Shoot for a Day

June 9th Conceal Carry Practice 6pm

June 12th Wild Bunch & Pro-Steel

June 13th Sunday Shoot – Board of Directors Meeting

June 19th NCOWS Shoot

June 20th Wild Bunch & Pro-Steel

June 26th Saturday Shoot & Smoke in the Hills

June 27th Smoke in the Hills

July 3rd Workday 10am

July 10th Wild Bunch & Pro-Steel

July 11th Sunday Shoot – Board of Directors Meeting

July 14th Concealed Carry Practice 6pm

July 16th, 17th, & 18th Guns in the Hills

July 24th Saturday Shoot

July 25th Wild Bunch & Pro-Steel

August 1st Workday 10am

August 7th Wild Bunch & Pro-Steel

August 8th Sunday Shoot – Board of Directors Meeting

August 11th Concealed Carry Practice 6pm

August 14th NCOWS Shoot

August 27th, 28th, & 29th Fire in the Hills

September 5th Workday 10am 

September 8th Concealed Carry Practice 6pm

September 11th Wild Bunch & Pro-Steel

September 12th Sunday Shoot (Josey Wales) – Board of Directors Meeting

September 18th NCOWS Shoot (Something Different Shoot)

September 25th Saturday Shoot (Josey Wales)

September 26th Wild Bunch & Pro-Steel

October 3rd Workday 10am 

October 9th Wild Bunch & Pro-Steel

October 10th Sunday Shoot

October 16th NCOWS Shoot

October 21st Board of Directors Meeting 7pm

October 23rd Pumpkin Shoot

October 24th Wild Bunch & Pro-Steel

October 30th Workday 10am – End of Season Clean up

November 18th Board of Directors Meeting 7pm

WOWS reserves the right for any necessary revisions to the schedule.

WOWS Range Board meetings are open to club members to attend; please contact a board member if you would like to attend the meeting.

If there is any question whether a shoot or work day is canceled, please contact a board member.