Registration is at 9:00 am unless otherwise noted.  Mandatory safety meeting is at 9:30 am.  You must be present at the safety meeting to shoot.

Eye protection with side shields is required at all shooting events.

WOWS 2018 Calendar

WOWS 2018 Schedule including Wild Bunch Dates

2018 Shoot and Event Schedule

April 8th                 April Sunday Shoot

April 28th               April Saturday Shoot

May 9th                  Concealed Carry Practice

May 12th                Shoot for a Day

May 13th                May Sunday Shoot

May 19th                NCOWS Shoot

May 26th                May Saturday Shoot

May 27th                WOWS Shootout Cancer Event

June 9th                  Wild Bunch Shoot

June 10th                June Sunday Shoot

June 13th                Concealed Carry Practice

June 16th                NCOWS Shoot

June 23th                June Saturday Shoot

June 23th-24th       Smoke in the Hills

July 7th                   Wild Bunch Shoot

July 8                       July Sunday Shoot

July 11                     Concealed Carry Practice

July 20th-22nd       Guns in the Hills NCOWS Midwest Regional

July 28                      July Saturday Shoot

July 29th                  Wild Bunch Shoot

August 8th               Concealed Carry Practice

August 11th             NCOWS Shoot

August 12th             August Sunday Shoot

August 24th-26th    Fire in the Hills

September 8th         Wild Bunch Shoot

September 9th         September Sunday Shoot

September 12th       Concealed Carry Practice

September 15th       NCOWS Something Different Shoot

September 22nd      September Saturday Shoot

September 23rd       Wild Bunch Shoot

October 13th             Wild Bunch Shoot

October 14th             October Sunday Shoot

October 20th             NCOWS Shoot

October 27th             Pumpkin Shoot


WOWS reserves the right for any necessary revisions to the schedule.