RO Classes

There will be ROI and ROII classes held on March 16, 2019 at the home of Tracker Jack Daniels and Cattail Rose in Connorsville, WI.  Classes will start at 10:00am and each class takes about 3 hours.  A lunch break will be taken between classes.  The cost is $5.00 for ROI and $15.00 for ROII.  [...]

Josey Wales Shoot

While Josey Wales is an offered category it isn't often shot, but this coming Sunday (the September Sunday Shoot) there will be a group of shooters in this category.  Anyone is welcome to participate. If you wish to join in the fun, the category requires 4 pistols and a shotgun.  No rifle is used.  Two [...]

Wild Bunch Shoots

Over the past few years, the Wisconsin Old West Shootists have noticed an increased interest in shooting Wild Bunch at our monthly matches.  As a result, we have worked into our schedule days to host matches solely dedicated to Wild Bunch.  Hay Root has graciously offer to run these matches. The dates for Wild Bunch [...]

Shootout Cancer at WOWS

This Memorial weekend is going to be a big one at WOWS.  Saturday, May 26th, will be our regular monthly Saturday Shoot and on Sunday, May 27th, we will be hosting our 2nd Shootout Cancer event.  We will shoot 6 stages each day.  Our Shootout Cancer event is a free shoot, but we encourage donations [...]