Shoot for a Day

Whether you’re an old cowhand, a young buck, or a town lady, all are welcome at the Wisconsin Old West Shootists Shoot for a Day Clinic! Starting at 10:00 AM Saturday May 13, 2023 or Sunday, June 4, 2023 participants will take up arms with Old West guns and try their luck. Our range officers will demonstrate the rules and techniques of Single Action Shooting Society Cowboy Action Shooting. Then we will offer you the opportunity to shoot with the guns that won the West.

We have a full day planned! Our experienced Long Range Shooters will demonstrate all the smoke and ruckus that 1800’s guns present, and then you’ll have a chance to shoot a steel buffalo with a gun similar to those used in the days of “Buffalo Bill.” We are providing the guns, ammunition, and safe handling instruction. Our range is built in the image of an Old West Railroad Town. Bring your Cowboy Hat and pack a lunch. If you have eye and ear protection, please bring it. We also have some available as all people on the range must have eye and ear protection. If you want to bring a guest that will just observe and not shoot they are welcome. List them on the entry form as observer only.

The location is between Forest, WI and Connorsville, WI, just north of Hwy 64 near The Bolen Creek area. This is approximately 1 hour east of Stillwater, MN, and about 20 minutes east of New Richmond, WI.

The fee for this event is $60.00 for each attendee (observer only is no charge) and one child under 18 can shoot free with a paid adult. We will require a waiver to be signed at the range and a mandatory safety meeting for all attendees will be started promptly at 10:00 am. It’s a memorable experience and we can’t wait to share it with you. Sign up now as we are only able to accept 20 attendees for each date and we plan to fill the clinic early!

Link to the form is below and also on the forms page

Shoot for a Day 2023