The Paul Bunyan Shoot

Sunday May 30, 2021 the Wisconsin Old West Shootists hold a Paul Bunyan fundraiser shoot.

9:30am shoot long range match and three stages of cowboy action.

The theme will be Paul Bunyan since we need Lumber.

Scoring will be on total hits combined Long Range and 3 stages of cowboy action.

Around 20 rounds at Long Range and 72 plus shotgun.  92 possible points  plus bonuses.

The stages will be timed but hits are what we will track for score.

1st place will add 10 points for Long Range and Cowboy Action.

2nd place will add 5 points for Long Range And Cowboy Action

3rd place will add 3 points For Long Range and Cowboy Action

A clean shoot will add 20 points from the cowboy stages.

Hitting the flapper Bullseye at 200 will add 5 points each hit.  (Flapper is a Bullseye 7″ at 200 yards.)

There will be prizes. The donation for this shoot is $35.00 or more.  The goal is to fund enough for the new Barbershop stage construction.

We need Lumber.

Give it a try with your Cowboy Pistol Caliber rifle and check out long range shooting.

It has been a long COVID-19 winter lets get out and have some fun.

CDC safety Measures will be imposed.

If you have questions, please contact Woody Canton – Phone: 952-200-2439 or Email:

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