WOWS COVID-19 Update/Announcements

April 21, 2020

With the recent pronouncement by Wisconsin Governor Evers that continues the “Safer at Home Act,” there are changes that need to be made to the club’s schedule.  Additional announcements are also included.

First, all structured group events at the range prior to May 17th are canceled.  These included the Saturday Shoot April 25th, Wild Bunch Shoot April 26th, Shoot for a Day May 9th, the Mother’s Day Shoot May 10th, the Concealed Carry Practice May 13th, and the NCOWS Shoot May 16th.  Range work days are not group events and can be attended individually, so they are sill on the schedule.

Second, we also wish to make it better known that the range is available for use by club members who have at least a SASS RO1 qualification or are with a club member that is RO1 certified.  Due to insurance reasons, please do not bring non-members to shoot with you.  Remember to use only lead bullets on the steel targets.  Donations for the use of the range and for covering the wear and tear on the steel would be appreciated.  Please mail these directly to: WOWS PO Box 22, Barron WI 54812.

We recommend for safety reasons that you do not come to the range alone but with a family member or friend that could help you in case of an emergency.  If you get hurt, help may not be readily available and cellphone connections are not consistent.  If you come with friends, drive in separate vehicles and maintain physical distancing recommendations.  Please do not bring pets, unless you will have them on a leash and in your control at all times.  Small children at the range are also discouraged due to safely concerns.  I would make a comment about a leash for the kids, but you get the idea.

Please maintain appropriate care of the range if you use it.  The garbage is not currently being picked up at the range, so please pack out all your supplies.  Wisconsin closed state parks and playgrounds because of the increased traffic and excessive garbage being generated at these locations.  We don’t want to have to do the same, so please be considerate of others, take appropriate care of the range during use, and clean up after yourself.  Since toilet paper is in short supply, we would appreciate it if you could bring a roll for your personal use while at the range.  If you are using shotgun target, be sure to re-roll the ropes when done.

Third, independent work on the range.  While we will still be having scheduled work days, you are welcome to come out and work on the range when you like as well.  Please follow the safety recommendations, distancing practices, and range care procedures outlines above.  We are working on posing a list of projects that can be done around the range.  If you see something major that needs doing, please contact one of the board members about it first.  It may be something that is planned which needs to wait to be done with other projects.  That said, if it is just cleaning up around the range, go right ahead with it.

We will be posting more information as it develops on both the website and on Facebook, so please keep an eye on them for updates.

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