Old West Shootists:


WOWS and NCOWS shoot guns that are from the late 1800s, the rifles and pistols used are single action, the shotguns used are double barrel and certain styles of pump shotguns -`95 and `97s. We shoot at steel targets that are part of 'stages' with a 'posse' using a scenario that would reflect the late 1800 lifestyle. Our range offers 12 different stages replicating the the cowboy life.

There are different styles of shooting and dressing. Cowboys and Cowgirls can shoot traditional, duelist or gunfighter. The dress and class can be anywhere from B-western dress to Town Marshall, to Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl.

WOWS hosts 5 large events each year. GITH is the NCOWS Midwest Regional Shoot, held in July. SITH is the Wisconsin State Blackpowder Shoot, held in June. FITH is an annual shoot and is a Wisconsin State Shoot on a rotating basis with WWWB, and the Rock River Regulators. BITH is the annual Multiple Sclerosis charity shoot, which is held in May each year. OWITH is not a shooting event, it is an event that presents a flavor of the old west and is a great way to take a step back in time and participate in the foods, games and skills that were so much a part of the lifestyle in the 19th century.

For WOWS Bylaws, click here.