Wisconsin Old West Shootists

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Thanks for you patience during this time.


Winter is winding down. It is almost time for the:

Spring Banquet

The WOWS spring banquet will be held on March 22nd at The Orchard in Baldwin, WI.

This year we will be offering RO1 and RO11 classes. Col. Gatewood will be our instructor once again. Col. Gatewood is well known for his expertise in teaching these classes. Col. Gatewood has been an instructor for many years and has helped a lot of shooters to become more consciencious of safety in shooting.

There will by many great door prizes and raffle items.

Raffle items include:

  1. 30-30 Marlin Rifle with Scope
  2. 2015 Prepay and Membership
  3. 2015 SITH Prepay
  4. 2015 GITH Prepay
  5. 2015 FITH Prepay
  6. $50.00 Visa

Bring any items you would like to swap or trade. Social hour will begin at 11:30. the Meal will be served at 1:00pm.

The Menu:

Roast Beef with Burgundy

Mushroom Glazed Ham

Parsely Buttered Baby Reds

Green Beens

Garden Salad


Price per person $25.00. Please contact Doe C. Doe for reservations and for the RO classes by March 15th by by e-mail: gardinpmg@yahoo.com or by telephone 715-553-0338.


Hope to see you all there!!